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Friday, October 05, 2012

Vegan Mofo VI- Day 5: There's No Taste Like Home

 I had my heart set on making tortillas this week, but didn't think I could do it after all. Then I remembered how sucky it is to get caught up in limited thinking. Instead of taking a nap or lazing around in between my weekly volunteer hours and my work shift, I got in the kitchen and got down to work.

My maternal grandmother used to make fresh torts every day when all her kids were at home. I don't know how she did it, but I have fun memories of playing with a little ball of masa while she was making torts for us. Before I moved back east for five minutes in the early 2000s, I asked her to teach me how to cook beans and make torts, fearing that nothing in Boston could compare to what I had grown up with. Of course, nothing I made would be as good as hers, but at least it would be closer somehow.

I should have the notes I took that day, but today I could not find them. I was too embarrassed to call and ask for them again so I used a recipe off the internet. Do not tell Abuelita! They turned out pretty good, but not good enough for me to forget about finding my notes from grandma. Nothing is ever that good, right? My mom gave me an  A+ for effort, but we agreed I'll have to try again soon. I only made a dozen small torts because I was short on time, but the good thing is they fit perfectly in my tortilla oven. If you don't have one, I highly recommend you get one ASAP. I'm kind of bummed they don't have any more like mine but the Texas and L.A. ones are pretty rad too.

I wanted to try the Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas with Chia from Viva la Vegan, but I didn't have any wwf or time to wait for shortening to get to room temp. I plan to make them soon with pot of black beans. I can't believe I haven't made anything from that book yet. Please don't smack me with your chanclas!


Shannon R said...

I'm so intimidated by tortillas. I wish I had an Abuelita to teach me. Then again, they would probably cuff my ear and swear at me for being dumb. *sob*

k said...

Hey Shannon! Don't be intimidated by torts, they really are not that tough to make. If you've ever rolled dough for pizza or pie, you can do it. Even when I was learning and only rolled one tort to the 3 my abuelita already had done didn't she didn't scold me. You can do it m'ija!