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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vegan Mofo VI- Day 17: Those Are Nacho Kale Chips!

These are the best things ever! I love kale and have been saying I am going to make kale chips for at least a year. Now that TJ's has them, I have a bigger excuse for putting it off. The package is kind of small, so if you love kale chips or hate sharing, I would grab more than one.

I think it was around 3-4 bucks for the package. I've seen same sized bags priced at twice that so I decided to go for it. I broke a chunk off a huge piece and it was good. So I kept picking at the huge pieces, thinking about whether or not I liked them. Then I saw the bag was already halfway gone. I think that's a "hell yeah", right?

I took the rest to my work yesterday and teased one of our fave patrons about trying them but she did and she loved them. Then we pressured my co-worker into trying them. She wasn't as into it, but I am glad she gave them a chance. By this point all I had were little crumbles, but I didn't want to throw them out. When I got home I had some leftover mac and cheese, so I sprinkled them on top of the mac and stirred it up. That was the jam! I can't wait to go back to TJ' sand get more of these. I also have some of the cinnamon rolls I need to bake but not in this heat!

I had my job interview yesterday and I think I crushed it. I should know in 3 weeks what the folks who interviewed me thought. There's a lot going on this week and I'm starting to feel run down so that's why I don't have a "real" entry today. I'm trying to rest today so I can get back on task tomorrow!

2 comments: said...

You reminded me that I have kale chips in the house. Thank you!!

k said...

You're welcome, enjoy!