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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Vegan Mofo VI- Day 16: Spice In Ya Life Is What You Need*

Wow! I can't believe we are halfway through mofo. It's going by much too quickly. I really need to step it up so I can end on a strong note, but honestly I am glad that I have been able to keep up and even happier that I've managed to be at least one day ahead most of the time. Maybe next year I will really have it on lock with themes and everything. We'll see!<br><br>I thought this was going to be my first entry on tofu, but I forgot I had fast food the other day. However, it is the first time I have cooked tofu this month. I love tofu and I know a lot of people think it is all we eat, but I really do not use it all that often anymore. I still love it, but it's a pain to get to the store that has the good prices and I refuse to pay what it costs at the closest supermarket. I think it's $1.79- no way, no day! I did a quick run to Sprouts the other day and only bought what I absolutely needed, otherwise it could get out of control. I had to pay $1.29 instead of $0.99 because they were all out of extra firm, but it was still cheaper than the other store. I also got some eb buttery sticks for upcoming baking. I have tons of shortening but not as much butter. I guess I have to make a lot of pies when the weather cools down.

Anyhow, I really love this recipe for Spicy Tofu from i eat food. I made a half-assed version of this before, just coating the tofu in cornstarch and improvising the sauce since I didn't have sweet chili sauce I used hoisin. I didn't have scallions the first time either, so I'm saying it didn't really count and this is a do-over, a delicious one at that. I double checked to make sure I had everything and got to work. This is going to be in heavy rotation forever. I didn't add any red pepper because I wasn't sure how spicy the chili sauce would be and I always add the tiniest bit of chili garlic sauce, so that ended up to be just right for me. I'm building my spice tolerance, slowly but surely. I sauteed some broccoli and mixed it in with the tofu. If you're smart you'll steam your rice while you cook everything else. Or if you are really sick of dishes and in a hurry to walk your dog, you'll make the tofu and veg, mix 'em together and worry about the rice another day.

*Huge points if you get this reference.


Mel said...

That recipe sounds just like my thing, I must try this one day! Love how you added broccoli to yours too!

k said...

It's so good and not too much fussing either. I love to add broccoli wherever I can. Thanks for your comment.