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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 9: Go Nuts for Donuts!

Sorry for the messy pic, but we couldn't wait to eat!
Guess who just got fresh hot donuts on a Sunday morning? Me! Are you jealous? If you aren't you should be, because they are delicious. Did I mention they are fresh and hot? Well they are also vegan and gluten-free. They're the holy grail of donuts and you can get them at Sugar Beets Bakery in Chino. I don't have to drive out to L.A. to get vegan treats anymore. Yay!

I can't believe I didn't know this place existed. I saw a sign a week or two ago, but didn't make it in until this morning. I'll definitely be back for more. Gina, the owner, was super friendly and had lots of yummy samples for us to try while we waited to order. We ended up getting two donuts each and some sugar cookies too. Everything I tried was scrumptious. The cupcakes looked great, but I had to pass (for now) because we just had cake and cupcakes last night for E's birthday. I love baking my own treats, but I love being able to walk into a bakery and know I can enjoy any and all of the offerings without having to ask about ingredients even more.

They are currently operating out of a community kitchen, so the store front is only open on Thursdays from 11-6 and on Sundays from 11-3. Get there early if you want donuts because they go quickly, but if you can't get donuts, there are lots of other treats to be had. Next weekend they will be at the Cal Poly Pumpkin Festival, so stop by and give them a try. I've been to the festival a few times and it is always a good time, so now it's even better.


coldandsleepy said...

Oh, yum. Am I jealous? YES! We can sometimes get Pepple's donuts from Berkeley down here, but they're always kinda stale from being trucked so far and it's just not the same as having a fresh one.

Also, those just plain looking amazing. said...

Um, yes, indeed I am jealous! There's nowhere here to get iced donuts & I'm always too lazy to make them from scratch!

Anonymous said...


Vegan and gluten free??


Anonymous said...

those look amazing! i am such a sucker for the multi-colored sprinkles, for real.