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Monday, October 31, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 31: ¡Adios Mofos!

I'm sad to see mofo go. I really ran out of steam somewhere during the second week and it's been downhill ever since. Even though it wasn't my best, I decided to keep going and finish what I started. I might do some of the recipes that were skipped in the next few weeks to make up for it. I still need to go back and read tons of blogs I missed out on, there were so many great ideas this year. I have lots of pages bookmarked and my feeds list keeps on growing. I added a few of my new faves to my blogroll, but there might be a few I missed.

Today was super busy so I did not get any cooking done. After walking the dog and getting cleaned up, we went to my niece's school for her class party. Then we came home, had snacks and carved pumpkins. Before you knew it, we had to get dressed/painted to go trick or treating and we still hadn't had dinner yet. We decided to get pizza, throw some tofutti slices and bac'uns on it and call it a day. It's our laziest pizza ever, but we were too hungry to be picky.

I had to go get the pizza in my half assed costume, so I was greeted at the door with "hello kitty" and all of the workers meowed at me the whole time I was in the store. It was only a few minutes but it felt like forever. I didn't feel as stupid as they should have, but maybe they were really bored. If only they knew I had dressed up to match my dog's outfit, they would have had a field day. As tacky as it was, we did get a few compliments when I took her for her walk tonight. Happy Halloween Mofos!

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