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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

She's A B.A.D. (Breakfast All Day) Mamma Jamma

I haven't really cooked since mofo ended last week, but tonight I am back. I finally made "Mom's Morning Casserole" from Vegan Brunch and I know it will not be the last time I do so. I am so glad to have another brunch/breakfast option. I usually cook my morning meals on Sunday or Monday and eat the same thing all week. It sounds boring, but if I really like a dish, I have no problem eating it every day, or even twice in a day. I had been hesitant to make this because my sister didn't seem interested in it, completely forgetting I could eat the whole thing myself if I broke it into daily portions. Luckily I don't have to worry about being the only one to devour the casserole since my niece is also fan. I'm always happy when she likes my cooking since kids can be picky.

There are three layers so this can take some time if you are a slow poke like me. I only decided to make this in the afternoon when my niece vetoed my pumpkin pancakes and I had to come up with a Plan B. If I had planned on it, I definitely would have done some of the work ahead of time. To compensate for my slowness I mixed the tofu layer before I put the potatoes in the oven since I knew I would not get the tofu and tempeh mixtures ready in under 25 minutes, especially since that time had to include stopping to help with homework questions.

Dinner wasn't as early as I had hoped, but it was every bit as delicious as I was expecting, so that is much more important. I wasn't going to serve anything with the casserole, but when I read through the recipe I saw the suggestion of greens or salad as a compliment. I had bought chard to make with chicken fried seitan, but decided to make "Shredded Swiss Chard" as a side today. I used it before as an omelet filling and really liked it. I can buy more greens another day this week. I'm really trying harder to incorporate them into my eating. I'm also going to start chipping away at my food resolutions!

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