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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 30: Walk Quickly And Carry A Big Purse

Tonight we're going to the movies, so that means sneaking in our own vegan treats. I know it's not classy to do that, but I never said I was classy. I'm on a tight budget until my job starts, so I'll take whatever shortcuts I can. My niece school sells scrip for my favorite theater so I bought two $25 cards. That covers tonight's ticket and the next four movies too.

I bought the sour patch kids at dollar tree. They're the same size as the ones they sell at the theater for about two to three dollars cheaper. The Jokerz and twilight we got at whole foods, but next time I go to Viva La Vegan I am stocking up on Jokerz, Cleo's and Justin's peanut butter cups. I have been wanting to do a Justin's vs. Cleo's showdown for the longest time. I will win no matter what the result is.

Even though a lot of my recent posts have barely made the deadline, I'm not sure I'll be able to get one out after the movie, so I'm doing this mini post now. I had hoped to carve pumpkins and walk the dog before it was time to leave for dinner/movie, but after too much time at the stores, I don't have time to do both. I feel horrible whenever I cheat Penny's walk so I can go mess around, so I want to take her for her normal walk, even if it's a bit earlier it should be the same amount of time. I also do not want to rush my pumpkin carving. Last year I was in a hurry and barely averted disaster. I am hoping to make up for that by doing a much better job this year. These are from four years ago and are still my all-time favorites. Maybe that was the peak for me. I'll take it!

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