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Monday, October 03, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 3: Muffins are Tops!

I love muffins in the morning, but I don't want to wake up and make them. I want to wake up and eat them. The solution: bake your muffins at night. This goes double if you live in a warmer climate and it is too hot to have the oven during the day. Hopefully in the next few weeks the weather will become more oven-friendly, but we have a bit of summer left on the west side.

These are "Cranberry Burst Citrus Muffins" from Deer Run Bed & Breakfast in Big Pine Key, Fla. Have I ever stayed there? No. But through the magic of an issue of "Vegetarian Times" I can pretend I did. If can go anywhere when you read a book, surely you can reach destinations via magazines too, right? They ran a feature on b & b's last year and this was one of the many recipes I wanted to try.

Part of the charm of this recipe was that all I needed to buy was a few oranges. You need juice and zest. I got plenty of zest from one orange, but next time I think I will use even more since I love citrus. I had a bit more trouble juicing and had to use two to get 1/4 cup, but a more experienced person could probably get it from one. The oranges smelled so good I wished I had bought just one more to eat on its own.  For some odd reason, I almost never buy oranges, but if someone offers me one, I will gladly eat it.

Anyhow these turned out lovely and I would definitely make them again. Even though I love the orange and cranberry bits, my favorite part is probably the sugar sprinkled on top. It reminds me of bakery muffins I used to enjoy, but now I can have more of them for less money (and more exercising!).


Cara said...

Is there even a better combination than oranges and cranberries??? Mmmmmm, those muffins sound good. Will you throw me one? :)

jessy said...

did you say sugar sprinkled on top?! so awesome! i'm making note, fo 'sho. it's probably been about 2 years since i've made myself muffins - i don't think i've had one since going gluten-free. now i want one (or two, or three!) so i'm gonna have to make it happen 'cause those cranberry burst citrus muffins started a craving (they look rock'n and sound absolutely perfect for fall). hooooooray!

k said...

@Cara- I would totally throw you one. I am so glad I discovered your amazing blog!

@Jessy- The sugar on top is my favorite part too. xgfx-erise them, you deserve muffins! said...

Baking muffins the night before is definitely the best plan!