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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 2: Slam!

One of the things I truly miss about being vegan is being able to go out for huge breakfasts and brunches. Granted, there are a few places I can go to, but most involve a good amount of time on the freeway and they're way overpriced. We all need to hang onto our money a lot tighter these days, so why not make your own damn slam?!<br>It's a little, okay, a lot more work, but just think you are burning off some of the calories before you eat it. Also, doesn't it taste better knowing how hard you worked getting that plate out?! If you break the tasks down, it's a bit easier. Or if you are badass you can time it so everything finishes around the same time. Orrrrrrrrr if you are me, you make the omelets one day, the fronch toast the next day and on the third day you pile it all on a plate and go to town.

I have to admit, omelet day was a bit of a challenge. I did the home fries, omelets, chard, and cheesy sauce (all from Vegan Brunch) in an afternoon. It was my normal "cooking" day, but instead of making multiple meals it was components for one huge meal. Everything turned out great, but I am going to two bunches of chard next time. It came out so good I wanted more. I'm still working on my flipping skills, but I did much better than last time.Woo!

This was my third time making the  VWAV "Fronch Toast". I love this recipe. The first time I made it I didn't have soy creamer, and it was good, but it is so much better with soy creamer if you can spring for it. I don't drink coffee so it's an extra ingredient to buy, luckily my sister will use the remainder so I am not wasting. Since these are baguette rounds instead of the big slices of bread we are used to, sometimes we just pick them up with our hands and eat them. Another benefit of eating at home is you can do that kind of stuff without getting stares (unless you live with the manners police).

If I can pull this off anyone can, probably with less syrup/cheesy sauce comminglage too. I know I forgot the tempeh bacon, sorry!


Lauren said...

Oh wow - so ambitious to make all of that! Looks great though and I'm happy you enjoyed your vegan breakfast foods! :)

B.A.D. said...

I am the worst flipper in the world. So I feel your pain, the spread looks great though!

k said...

@Lauren-It was a challenge, not sure how often I will do that, but it was deliciousl

@B.A.D.- I'm glad I'm not the only one! We just have to keep practicing or find the right spatula.