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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 1: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I love Autumn for so many reasons but my top three are Vegan Mofo, soup and honeycrisp apples. It's still a bit too warm to fire up the soup pot, but in the meantime the apples have arrived. I bought four last night at Sprouts and the produce guy asked me if I didn't also want some of the Galas he was putting up. I politely told him that these were my favorite, that I wait all year for them. No offense to Galas, they're great, but honeys have my heart forever.

I thought I was excited about my first round last night until I found this at Trader Joe's today! I brought home two more that were just about the same size. I am not usually a "bigger is better" gal when it comes to fruit, but these were too tempting to pass up. Since these are larger than the ones I would normally buy, I shared with a friend, a.k.a. my dog Penny.

This isn't a great beginning for MoFo, but it will get better. I did not go to the grocery store at all last week and the baking I had planned for last night/this morning was cancelled due to a last minute job test I had (cross your fingers!). I have ideas for theme weeks, not as creative as some others but there will be more structure than I've had in MoFo's past. Here are some ideas you just might see:

*All The Single Ladies (and mens): recipes for one/two people from Vegan Bites or Table for Two

*"Stuff I Always Say I'm Going to Make, but Haven't Yet": potpies, tofu benny, crepes (my fear of flipping)and whatever other requests I keep putting off

*Magazine Week: finally making the recipes I have torn or cut out and carefully filed in binders, where they still sit unused

*Dreams Come True Week: things I really miss that others have veganized for me (I love you!)- most likely Ctate's Pan Dulce, Julie Hasson's pastrami seitan, house vegan's Daiya Not Cheezits, donuts, etc.

Or it could be totally half assed and by the seat of my pants like the last two years, stay tuned! There are so many other (better) bloggers participating so please check them out as well!


Erinwiko said...

I love the idea of "Stuff I Always Say I'm Going to Make, but Haven't Yet"- I need to do this too! Happy MoFo! said...

I love Autumn too for some of the same reasons as you. I love local apple season & soup & squashes & halloween &...I could go on! I'm doing stuff I've always wanted to make Fridays, I've always been scared of paella, tamales & bread so I'll be trying those this month.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Those really are the greatest apples ever! I like your themes and can't wait to see the single stuff because I hate cooking large portions.

GiGi said...

Wow you cut out recipes aaaand put them in binders? Clearly I am not one of the organized bloggers you have highlighted.

k said...

Thanks for the comment love, ladies!

@Erin- you have no idea how long that list is. I could probably do a whole MoFo of just that. Happy MoFo to you too!

@Jojo-I am scared of tamales and bread too. I am rooting for you! I will have to try them myself soon.

@Mo- You always have the best themes so it's a huge compliment that you like mine. I am excited for the single food too, just because there aren't a lot of people doesn't mean the food shouldn't be good.

@GiGi- I cut them out and put them in binders and then they go sit on the shelf indefinitely, so my "discipline" only goes so far!