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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 4- "You Don't Spell It Son, You Eat it!"

 I made my very first quiche today. It's "Red Chard Tofu Quiche" from an issue of VegNews. I am really starting to fall in love with chard. I think this is the third time I've used it ever, but it's the second time in two weeks. You definitely haven't seen the last of it! If you want the recipe, let me know because I didn't see it on their website.
I thought I would save myself some time and make the crust the night before. I'm so glad I did that because I still ended up taking a lot of time to make this. Anyone else could have done it in less time, but I am known for taking forever and with new recipes/techniques I can take even longer. I've never made crust from scratch so without any reference point, I was freaking out. I think I rolled the crust too thin so then I patted all the excess back into the pan after I was done. I think this is what I get for cheating on Isa/Terry and not making one of their pies or quiches first. They give the clearest (and funniest) directions so my food always comes out awesome even though I am learning as I go along. Check back in a few months to see my improved skills. Vegan Pie In The Sky comes out in a few weeks, perfect for when it is cool enough to use the oven more often.

Making the filling was a lot easier. There were only a few ingredients and not too many seasonings. I think next time I might add some paprika and a few other things to give it a bit more of the flavors I like, but it is good like this too. I've never had quiche in my pregan days, but I will say this is a million times better than the Spinach Pie I used to make with Bisquik when I first turned veg 11 years ago! While I was cooking the veggies for the quiche I also made some VB Diner Home Fries to go with it. They were an afterthought so there is no bell pepper but they are still a great compliment to the quiche. Next time I will make some fancier lemony herb potatoes!

p.s. Could you tell that I traced a heart into the quiche? I can barely see it but that's also because I know what I'm looking for.


coldandsleepy said...

Always happy to see more swiss chard love on the internet... it's my favorite vegetable.

Your quiche looks tasty! And I can see the heart in the first picture!

GiGi said...

Cool quiche! It's hard not like chard. I see the heart, I see the heart! it's right there next to the picture of toddler Jesus. Right? I heart this.

k said...

Yay! You could see the heart.

@coldandsleepy- It is definitely becoming a fast favorite for me. I might like it better than kale, but don't tell, okay?

@GiGi-I'm cracking up about toddler Jesus! Glad you liked my quiche.

Cara said...

Oh good grief, you are killing me here with these recipes! Where do you live? I'm coming over. Seriously. :) ha

k said...

@Cara- Where do you live? I'm coming to your house for your creative cooking!

Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic! Yes, please, I would like the recipe if you can share it! And I can totally see the heart. Very nice touch.

k said...

@cq- thanks! I re-sent the recipe with the right pages this time :)