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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 18 - Mashers and Melts

This is turning out to be my lazy mofo week. I had biggish plans for today but they went away after I picked up my niece from school. I collect and watch her after school a few days a week, and some days go better than others. I've noticed that when I've got too many of my own things to do I am impatient and snappy toward her, which is completely unfair. So today I decided I would put "my" things aside and take care of her as I am meant to. We didn't have as complicated of a meal as I had planned on, but at least there was no bickering and we had a good afternoon together. I can do a bunch of cooking tomorrow on my "free" day anyhow.

For tonight's dinner we had patty melts and garlic mashers from Vegan Diner. For the melts I toast the bread, butter it, then rub in some garlic salt and vegan parm before adding in the cooked boca burger and tofutti slice. I cheated a bit on the mashers because I made them a few days ago, but she tried them and liked them so I knew they were a safe bet for tonight. This was only my second or third time making my own mashed potatoes. There's nothing particularly difficult about it, but it's normally something my sister does while I'm preparing a different part of the meal. It was my very first time using nooch in them, and definitely won't be the last. I enjoyed the addition of parsley as well. The recipe originally calls for red potatoes but says you can also use Yukon Golds. I did that since they are my favorite, and they also were cheaper than red at the store. I didn't have any on my plate since I had a huge helping with my breakfast reuben this morning.

We had melts today and there is a quinoa burger and chili dogs right around the corner. Apparently I have not let Sandwich Week die just yet. I'm going to have to do soups and salads or smoothies next week to balance out all this bread we've been having. I know it's the base of the food pyramid, but it could also make me much rounder than I already am. I have a weight-loss bet I have not been working to win, so I have to get on it, but I'm secretly hoping everyone else has been slacking too.

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