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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 19: My A-Z Challenge

I wasn't feeling so great today so the quinoa burgers did not happen. I have Great Smoky Mountain Cheeze chilling in the refrigerator, but that doesn't count just yet. I did come up with a semi-thoughtful idea of listing ingredients I've never used or dishes I haven't made yet that I would like to try before mofo rolls around again. Maybe you can call them food resolutions? I don't have any particularly good reason for not trying these items, sometimes I get in a rut and forget to try new things and others I find intimidating for some silly reason. Anyway, here goes!

A - acorn squash, which I actually bought once and forgot to cook- bad!
B-  beets: the tinfoil recipe from Appetite for Reduction will be my introduction to these
C-  cashews: adore them but have never used them in cooking. I can't wait to make Rad Whip!
D-  donuts: I'm super close to making my own very soon, this is both horrible and wonderful.
E-  escarole:  had an escarole soup planned for my magazine week, but couldn't find any at the store
F-  fennel: only used seeds so far, tackling the bulb is a new challenge.
G- ganache: kicking myself for not making this yet, especially since it's part of fauxstess cupcakes
H- haggis: heard so much about the vegan haggis, never had haggis-haggis, but it's worth a try
I-  ice cream: we did this in kindergarten and I'd like to try it again. earning your treats makes them taste better.
J- juicing: even though I've embraced green smoothies, I haven't had any vegetable juices yet
K- kale chips: love kale, but have yet to make my own chips
L- layer cake: never been good at this, but I want to try until I get it right
M- mousse: most likely chocolate, but I remember a fruit mousse filling in VCTOTW too!
N-  nuts: never use in cooking because my sister and niece are allergic, but they are moving out soonish, so I might start
O- okra: have a few recipes in the binder and haven't touched them, for shame!
P- pecans + pie: these will both get knocked out when my copy of Vegan Pie in the Sky arrives
Q- quince:almost left this blank, until I did a search and found this one!
R-  rhubarb: must.make.strawberry.rhubarb.pie
S- sausage: would have put seitan, but thanks to Julie Hasson, I've got that one down, so now it's time for sausages!
T- turnips/turnip greens: recipe suggestions please!
U- umeboshi plums: have yet to make anything from The Kind Diet and this is one of the "scary" ones I mentioned earlier
V- vichyssoise: never had cold soup yet, sure I am missing out
W- wellington: need to up my game with the fancy foods
X- xantham gum: not to be a Marcel, but I am slightly interested
Y- yams: have only had them in fries, need to try them another way
Z- ziti/zucchini: want to make a baked ziti and also have a zucchini gratin I've been putting off

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