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Monday, October 17, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 17 - Soy What?!

I still don't know what this week is going to be, but for now it looks like an impromptu Vegan Diner week. I did not go to the grocery store yesterday and have not made up my list for today so there you have it. My agar powder came in the mail today so that was a green light to make Great Smoky Mountain Cheeze, which I will probably do tomorrow or later tonight.

I did have time to quickly whip up some Smoky Curls to go with it. I'm hoping to make smoky cheezey omelets, grilled cheezes or both very soon. It will have to be soon because I'm not sure how long the curls are going to survive. I kept tasting as I was cooking to see how they were turning out. I wanted them crispier so I added more oil and let them cook a bit more before adding the agave. Later on,  I "dropped" a few and "had" to eat them. These are the perfect combo of sweet, salty and smoky. I will have to hit up the adventist store again soon and stock up on more soy curls!

My copy of Santuary- Farm Sanctuary's Compassionate Quarterly also arrived the mail today. I find it odd that I almost always end up reading this while I'm eating, but I think it would bother me a lot more if I were eating animals whilst reading about their rescues from horrible conditions. It's great to not be part of the problem, but also reminds me I should be taking a more active role in being part of the solution. One easy way to do this is to adopt a turkey, which I did for the first time last year. I'm not sure who I will be adopting just yet, but so far Raphael has a slight lead. If you want to adopt one (or more), go here!

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This looks amazing!