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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 16:Flippin' Fabulous

I almost never make pancakes for two reasons. One: my sister is the resident pancake maker. Two: my "flipping" skills leaving something to be desired, at least until now. I've never been great at turning pancakes, omelets, and or sandwiches, but I've been working to change that lately. I'm never going to get decent at it if I stop trying, so even if mess up a few, there may be a few that come out beautifully. Also, my sister is due to move out in the next few months and I'm not going to stop eating pancakes when that happens. I need to be prepared, right?

These are Banana Flapjacks from Vegan Brunch. We had some overripe bananas that I couldn't bear to throw away so this recipe was perfect. I think this is only the second time I've made pancakes from scratch. When my sister makes them she uses Bisquik and I try not to make my "I don't use box mixes" face or else I might not get to have any of the pancakes. As I started mixing these up I knew I would have to make another batch since it is only supposed to yield six 6" flapjacks. That would be enough for me, but I'm not the only vegan living here so it would be rude to not have some for sharing.

Other than bananas, I think my favorite part of this recipe is that you put maple syrup in the batter. There's syrup inside and on top, how great is that?! I nearly freaked out when I went to add the syrup because the jug was almost empty. I knew I had bought some recently, but couldn't remember whether or not it had been opened. If it had been opened and was all gone, I was ready to go through the roof. Luckily, I found it unopened on my "extras" shelf of the cupboard. Phew! That stuff isn't cheap. I am the one who buys it, but I hardly use it since it's mostly for baking, Snobby Joe's and the occasional "Waffle Wednesday". I am sure I sound crazy to get miserly about maple, but it's definitely not to be wasted.

I'm posting this ahead since we will be in L.A. for the AIDS WALK for most of the day. We do the walk, have brunch and do a Whole Foods run. Hopefully we get back in time for dinner, but I know I won't feel like cooking or blogging when we do. I have to plan my week and see what I can pick up at WF since I'm going to miss my regular Sunday market spree with my Dad. Hope you're having a great weekend!


GiGi said...

Monkey pancakes with maple syrup! Great way to start your day, with a cup of joe of course. Have a great time in LA.

k said...

Thanks Gigi! We had a wonderful, but long, day in LA.