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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 15: Take Me Out for Burritos!

I love bean burritos. I could eat them every day, twice. My sister took me to Patty's almost ten years ago and I've been in love ever since. Whenever we go, I order two burritos. One for that day and one for the next day. Sometimes I will start on my "tomorrow" burrito ahead of schedule, but today I had some self control and saved it for later.

We get the same thing every time we go. I get two all bean burritos and my sister/niece get bean and rice burritos. I have nothing against rice, but any time I have ever ordered a bean and rice burrito it has turned out to be more like a rice burrito with some beans thrown into it. You have to understand that nothing comes between me and my frijoles, except for a nice homemade tort. I give all the no-carb people props, I don't know how I could give up torts. I know if I truly had to I probably would, but I'd rather be a bit more gorda and happy.

At first I only used one container of hot sauce on my burrito but now I am up to two. Woo! It isn't super hot but can be quite peppery at times. Some people probably don't think it's hot at all, but my spice tolerance is still developing so sometimes I will get watery eyes or my least favorite, nape sweats. To beat the heat, I had a Mexican Pepsi to drink with it. ¡Perfecto!

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