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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 13: Go Fish!

I ate a lot of fast food growing up. It didn't help that we had a McDonald's and a Del Taco side by side just down the street from us. My parents would often have to stop at both places because I didn't like McDonald's very much, so I got my "beans in a cup" from Del Taco instead. Sometimes I would get the Filet O'Fish sandwich, without tartar sauce. We would have to pull over and park with one of those plastic-cone type deals on the hood until someone could bring it out for us. Was I such a huge pain in the ass or is it more of a problem that the premade sandwiches were sitting there for who knows how long, waiting to be picked up? I'd say it's a bit of both since I am still a pain in the ass, just not as much as I used to be.

I was a really picky eater and ate almost all of my food "plain". Thankfully I've grown out of that and enjoy many tasty condiments and toppings I would have turned my ignorant nose at years ago. I'm looking at you- sauerkraut and cilantro. Now I hugely overcompensate that by loading up everything I make whether it's a sandwich, a taco or even an omelet. The reuben I made the other day broke the bread. Maybe I need to find a happy medium, but that sandwich was delicious so I make no apologies, only that it sucks you didn't get to have any.

Today I made "Filet O' (Tofu) Fish" from The Vegan Mouse. I prepared the sauce and marinade yesterday because I thought I would make it when I came home from school. It was super hot when I got back and I still had to do the dishes I didn't get to do before I left. Maybe it was the heat or tearing out all the science book pages in the hot classroom, but I was too tired to do much more than the dishes and a few loads of laundry. I even lagged when it came to taking P for her nightly walk. I like to leave by a certain time so we can get a good walk in before it gets too dark, but last night it was still too warm even though 20-30 minutes later than usual. I can't complain though, I do like only having to wear pants a few days a year (I hate pants!).

Back to the sammich! If you haven't made this before, you should get of the dime and do it. You won't be disappointed. I didn't have fresh ginger because I thought the ones I had in the fridge would still be good. They weren't. Now I know why Isa says to hurry up and peel, cut, freeze it as soon as you get home. I just put a bit more ginger powder, and they still came out great, but I'm sure they're a million times better with the fresh ginger. I added more relish to the tartar sauce because that's how I like it, but I'm sure you can do it to taste. I am normally horrible at breading and frying things but today I finally got the wet hand-dry hand down. I am so proud! I can't wait to make these again with some freshly baked french fries.

4 comments: said...

I really need to make that to'fish recipe, it looks awesome!

jessy said...

your vegan fish sammie looks awesome! i just tried tofu mom's recipe and i shall try this one, too. it looks grea,t and like you, i love adding extra relish into the sauce. so yum!

celyn said...

YOM. That looks amazing. Do want.

k said...

Yes, you all need to make it. I promise you will love it. I know I will be making it again soon since it was a hit with the girls.