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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 12 - All I Wanna Do is 'Shrooma 'Shroom 'Shroom & A Boom Boom

Last night we had Portobello Bahn Mi's from The Vegan Girl's Guide to Life. I made them a few weeks ago but was too busy eating to blog about them. I made one batch, thinking I would be the only one who would eat any. I had to make another batch the second day because everyone, even my mom (who doesn't like mushrooms), was into it. I felt bad talking about how good they were in front of my sister's beau,so I decided to make them again for sandwich week and invite him over to share. He loved it.

The third time was definitely a charm. Everyone's first bite was followed by an audible "mmmm." At first I was a teeny bit sad that there would not be many leftovers, but then I remembered I have two more sandwiches in the line up. Last week I messed up and cooked way too much food so I am learning to cut down a bit. I've been eating it all, but that's not the solution to the problem, believe me! Anyway, on a non-sandwich week I would double this recipe because I know I could eat it all week long. It's that good, trust me.

There are a few different elements to this recipe but none of them take up too much time. I like to make the do chua, sesame soy spread, and prep the garnishes the night before. Then I let the 'shrooms marinate for a few hours before cooking them. I only put the do chua, jalapeños and cilantro on mine, but you can put whatever you like best. I'm tempted to add avocado but I think I might die after eating one.

I've only tried three recipes from this book so far, but they've all been winners. I've made the "Two Bean Confetti Hash", "Jackfruit Carnitas" and now the "Portobello Bahn Mi". I am seriously considering making the banana bread french toast because I have some very ripe bananas staring at me from the table. Now if I could just get someone to knit the cupcake oven mitts for me. Maybe if I trade for some real cupcakes?


Dawn said...

Just found your blog today, but I'm already in love.

And I have that book but haven't tried any of the recipes out of it yet. Gotta make that Bahn Mi soon.

k said...

Glad you love the blog Dawn! If Definitely make the bahn mi first. It's so yummy. I want to try more recipes soon, but am waiting for our weather to cool down first.

Katie said...

I'm trying really hard to not comment with the rest of the lyrics to Rumpshaker.

k said...

But that's what I wanted someone to do Katie! I always swore that if I ever had to do a mic check I could only do it by saying "check baby check baby 1-2-3-4". I haven't had my turn yet though.