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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 11 - My Steamy Love Affair With Seitan (and Reuben too!)

I've never had much luck with seitan. Of the five or six times I've tried to make it, I've had a single success somewhere around attempt number three. I don't know whether I am kneading too much or not enough. Should I have flipped it over more times in the pot? Maybe the flame was too low? I don't need to wonder about the answers to these questions any longer. I also don't need to knead anything, now that I've finally wised up and tried Julie Hasson's method of steaming seitan. If you're late to the game like I was, don't hesitate any longer, get into it!

Since I've never steamed anything other than vegetables I was freaking out that I would mess this up. I tend to obsess about directions and wonder whether or not I am doing it right. To calm myself down and get an idea of what to expect I watched a video of the author making some sausages. It looked so easy I couldn't believe I was actually scared of seitan. How silly of me!

There are so many recipes I want to make from Vegan Diner but since it's "Sandwich Week", I had to go for the "Rockin' Reubens". While the "Pastrami-Style Seitan Roast" was steaming I made the "Very Secret Sauce", do chua for the next sammich on the schedule, and did the dishes. I had planned on making "Garlic Mashers" as well,  but due to my reading/napping break earlier in the day I was way off task. I might make them later in the week to go with my philly.

Instead of putting cheese on my reubens, I like to put avocado. Today I put more than usual since there was no one else to share it with and I didn't want to waste. So yes, there is a whole avocado on my sandwich. There is a whole lot of everything on it in fact. In my hungry haze I overloaded those two slices of bread, so it's kind of good that I served it alone. I don't think I would have had room for any potatoes after taking on this beast. I believe I've met my match!


Cadry said...

That sandwich is awesome! It is my favorite at-home reuben for sure. Like you, I prefer avocado on my reubens. Avocados make everything better! said...

I love steamed seitan, it was the only way I used to be able to get it to work properly but I've been having luck with baking it recently too. Your sandwich looks perfect.

GiGi said...

Yes, we all have "kneads", hence your on again/ off again thing with Seitan.Great Sammy! Hey Boychucker I gave you a shout out on my blog today.

k said...

@Cadry- I think it is going to be a favorite for me as well, but it's a close one since I love the vwav version too.

@Jojo- I am so in love with steamed seitan. I'm never simmering again, but I do want to try baking it.

@Gigi- glad you like the sammich and thanks for the shout out!