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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oodles of Noodles

I've been trying more new recipes lately and I love it. My cookbooks had been suffering from neglect and there are still some foods/ingredients I've yet to try. Of course the list is much shorter than it was in my pregan days where I ate almost no vegetables at all. Ginger is my new favorite ingredient to work with. I am disappointed that it took me so long to get over any unfounded fears/biases and just start peeling it already. I've made three recipes with it in the last few weeks and it gets better each time.

Last night I made the Ginger Bok Choy & Soba from Appetite for Reduction. Oddly enough, I've never cooked bok choy and I haven't used soba in years. There was a soba dish I used to make that was quite good, but one night after dinner my niece got sick and that was the end of that. I'm certain it had nothing to do with the food, but after that happened, it took a lot of the appeal away.

I wanted to use the soba I found during my cupboard clean out and really got lucky with this recipe. Per usual, I took way longer with prep than I should have. I was only cooking for myself so there was no need to hurry. Next time I will add the soba in a little at a time since it was a challenge to get everything mixed up properly. I would also like to try using three bunches of baby bok choy instead of one regular sized, and throw in some tofu as well. I am glad this book is getting a workout, and now it is my turn, since I had a few refills on that bowl last night!

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