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Monday, November 29, 2010

Vegan Mofo IV Week 5: Your Grocer's Freezer

I planned on making "Chard Florentine On Toast Points" today, but had to cancel since I cannot read a recipe or write a grocery list. I scanned the recipe quickly before going shopping yesterday and thought I had everything except bread, chard and tahini. I remember finding tahini at grocery stores in the past so I was frustrated when I did not see it on the "international" aisle. I went to get the rest of my items and read my list one more time. It didn't say tahini, it said tamari. I have tamari, game on. I get chard and bread and I'm ready to go. Later that night I'm putting things away and decide to review the recipe so I'll be ready for the morning. I needed tamari and tahini, plus miso, which never even made the list. Luckily I was planning on making scrambled tempeh for the billionth time so I wouldn't be without breakfast, but I've already written about that before. Did I mention I eat it almost every week?

It was basically downhill from there. My breakfast plans were ruined and I hadn't planned on making dinner since I have so many leftovers to choose from. When I was out mailing a package for a PPKer, I popped into the Chinese takeout place to see if they had any green beans but they were out. They would have gone so great with my left over tofu, so I was disappointed but not enough to go a few doors down to the market and get some to make for myself. It's been getting colder and I've done far too many dishes, I just couldn't be bothered to cook dinner.

Thank goodness for Trader José and his Black Bean and Corn Enchilada. I used to eat these all the time at my old job and then I went through a snobby phase of eschewing frozen foods. I still don't really like to "heat and eat" but some nights when I only have to cook for me and I'd rather do something else, it's a good back up to have. Otherwise I just eat a bowl of cereal, and it's too cold for that right now. So here were are, one day left of mofo and the cooking is grinding to a near halt. Hopefully I get my head out of my asparagus and come up with something better for tomorrow. I am just glad I didn't give up after taking a few days off this year. I barely kept up with writing and am extremely behind on reading. There are just too many amazing vegan bloggers out there. Good job Mofo's!

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