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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

Check out my pup-kin! This is Penny's first Halloween costume and now I'm not sure it will be her last. I had no thoughts of buying one but last night we were at the pet store and the costumes were 75% off. I had an additional 15% off from my sister's fiancĂ©, how could I say no? I was tempted to dress her as a cow or a pig, but her head is too large for the hoods on those. Then I saw the pumpkin cape and that sealed the deal. I got an xl so it would fit her length, but she is not round enough to fill it out so next time I'll get a large. I had to bribe her with cookies to get her to stay still so the first shot is before and the second is after.

Happy Halloween everybody!


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