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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Get Kristy Lovich

Last night we went to a fundraising event for Kristy Lovich. She is a self-taught artist, who has decided to fulfill her teenage dream of going to art school. She was accepted to Art Center College of Design, which is no small achievement. The only problem is she does not have enough money to attend...yet.

We heard her read a poem on the Feminist Magazine show on KPFK two weeks ago. I almost never hear radio anymore but when I do it is KPFK. Anyway she read this amazing poem called "I Love Women" and even mentioned a few of my favorite women role models (Kathleen Hanna, Maya Angelou, hello!). Sometimes I think they are every woman's role models too, but sadly it isn't so. After the poem the interview continued and she said she opened a gallery at her house so that she and other local artists could display their work and have a space. Punk rock!

Since we had a busy day, we ended up getting to Boyle Heights about an hour late. Lucky for us, everyone was just getting their food/drinks, checking out the art on display. The food looked lovely, but we were still quite full after stuffing ourselves for dinner. They had adorable mini cupcakes and her cat, Gatsby, was making the rounds too. My niece and another little girl kept following that cat all night.

Now what about the art, right? My sister bought two prints and I took home a framed mixed media collage piece called "A Tricky Kind of Power". I can't wait to hang it up as soon as my room is done. Kristy read two poems, as did Eric Huerta. There was music by Kris Escajeda and Elena Castro on percussion, which was amazing. You should definitely check them out. To see more of Kristy's artwork, go here, here, or here. Video and images are borrowed from the artist's website.

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