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Thursday, July 22, 2010

You Can Have Anything You Want But You Better Not Take It From Me...

...unless it's my unwanted pounds. I will be more than happy to part with those and I believe Ms. Moskowitz' latest book, Appetite for Reduction, will help me do just that. I don't mean to hurt any one's feelings, but here goes, this woman is my favorite cookbook author, ever. I still haven't worked my way through all of her cookbooks, but everything I have made so far has been fantastic. I am excited to find out what new recipes await, but being an impatient gal, I did take a sneak peek through a testing flickr-thanks tofu666!. I almost wish I hadn't since I would love to start cooking tonight (my weight loss bet ends in four weeks!). However, the December release date will be perfect for when it's time to shed the holiday poundage/start the new year healthier. Now do I put it on my wish list, or buy it for myself?

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