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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Old Maid (Of Honor)

Mom and Dad should have gotten a better picture. This was my first trip down the aisle, and to their chagrin, might have been the only one. Fortunately for them, their other daughter has just become engaged, so they get to see both of us gussied up at least one more time. No one thinks I'm going to get married, but while I'm helping my sister plan I am thinking about what I will want, you know, just in case.

I am so excited to finally have a little brother and of course I am beyond happy for my sister and her fiancé. He is a great guy, very sweet and easy going. But most importantly he meets one of my sister's funnier requirements which is that her man must to be able to pick her up. We've challenged him to do squats while holding her and he always passes the test. He and my niece are two peas in a pod, they even have the same birthday. I truly wish the best for them. I've offered my vegan chef/nanny skills already.

As for the planning, I've looked at little bit of everything: locations, dresses, caterers, cake. They haven't given me a budget, so I can't do too much just yet. I know as budget comes into play the guest lists are going to have to be cut down, I will have to sit that one out. The menu compromise is going to be interesting too since the bride is vegan but the groom and most guests are not. I'd rather not have any dead animals at my wedding, but it's not my wedding so it's not my decision. Hopefully by the time I get married the herbivores will have taken over and it will not be an issue.

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