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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

just what the doctor ordered

I think we may have finally found a solution to Penny's tummy troubles. I started adding Dr. Goodpet's Digestive Enzymes to her food a little over a week ago. The i/d food was helping to put weight back on but her stools were still not consistently solid. Now that she has been on the enzymes, she is doing so much better. The first few feedings she looked and sniffed a bit before eating but now she is back to being excited for her bowl and ready to chow down. I almost can't believe how easy this was and I am sorry I did not try these sooner. I am hoping these might work with any food and I will not have to keep her on the i/d for too much longer. You can get them at Vegan Essentials with some other rad goodies from their shop.

p.s. It's my birthday and I'll talk about poop if I want to!

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