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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Somebody find Carl Weathers...

because "Baby, I got a stew going."

My sister has been pestering me to make stew, or a pot pie, for the past few weeks. When we visited our Bay Area friends forever ago, they cooked us a delicious stew with dumplings. I know that is the taste she was really going after. I'm not sure mine turned out quite like Jon's but it was delicious nonetheless.

I followed a recipe for "Chik'n Stew and Dumplings" I found on VegWeb (thanks certifiedmoxie!). I added some peas right before the dumplings and I also put way more carrots, celery, garlic than it called for. I always put more of those since there never seems to be enough. I did most of the prep earlier in the day so when it was time to start cooking I only had to chop the potatoes and meal starter strips. The only things I would change next time would be to not chop the chik'n as much since it tends to get broken up during all of the stirring and I'd add more carrots.

Everyone loved the stew, but I kept hearing that it should have more carrots. At first my niece was whining that she did not have any dumplings but after further review she discovered she had two. To make a dish that appeals to a slightly picky six year old and my sister's omnivore boyfriend is quite an accomplishment. This recipe is a keeper and is going into the overstuffed binder right away. It was tough to get an attractive photo, but trust me it tastes much better than it looks.

I am having way too much fun in the kitchen lately. I think my next purchase will be a dutch oven, an enameled cast iron skillet, or a waffle maker. A kitchen aid stand mixer is still at the top of my list though. A gal can dream.

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