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Monday, April 19, 2010


My local library is tiny and old, but I am remaining loyal to her, even though a newer, fancier library just sprouted up. I still have access to all the books in the county thanks to the awesome hold system, which I use, dare I say, abuse, frequently.

The other day I went to pick up a hold and return two books I had finished. I always feel funny waiting in line since they have self check out now. If I could sneak behind the counter and grab my own books I would totally check myself out but that's not allowed...yet. The only bummer of the self check out is that instead of having two or three people at the circulation desk, there is usually only one. The lone loaner is usually issuing a library card or checking out a pile of books to someone who cannot or will not use the self check out station.

I tend to get annoyed waiting in line behind these people because I am secretly mad at myself for not getting there a few minutes earlier and beating them to the front of the line. I just need that book behind the desk. I can see it from where I am standing. There is a huge piece of paper with my last name and first initial rubberbanded to the spine.

I have to wait five to eight minutes before I can get it because the lovely lady ahead of me is trying to get a new library card. She gives her driver's license to the lovelier lady behind the desk. Upon entering the DL# she lets her know that she already has a card in the system, under her maiden name and a previous address. The patron plays dumb and says that is her old name and address. The library lady tells her she cannot get a new card since she already has one. She can get a replacement card for $2.00...but she cannot use that card until she pays her late fines from 2005down from $40.00 to under $10.00. The saddest part was it looked like she was trying to get a card for her daughter, who cannot get one now. I wish I could have hung out longer to see if she would ask someone else to come down and get a card or check out the books for her.

Slowly but surely, the library will catch up to you. Remember thst episode of Seinfeld?

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