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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boom Time

Penny will eat anything that is not bolted down if you let her. She loves to play ball but will easily destroy any and all. Do enough looking around on the internet for toys for pitbulls (or any other heavy chewers) and you will find boomer ball. Even though she is a mix, she definitely has the head and heart of a pit.

I ordered her ball (10" size) at the end of the year and when it still hadn't arrived after a decent amount of time I contacted the company I'd ordered from. The CEO sent me back a very kind email stating that they had some computer issues and had lost the orders. I received the ball very shortly after that email, so hats off to the lovely folks at Animal Capture Equipment.

The first time she played with her ball she was still in her kennel. She batted it around for a bit. Then she broke out into a fit of high pitched barking when she was unable to get her mouth around it. She kept trying to get a good grasp but simply could not. I was glad she had a toy she could not eat and she was frustrated for the same reason.

Since then I've been letting her into the yard and she loves it. She still furiously tries to get at the screw cap on top (you can unscrew it and fill the ball with sand/rocks/water to make it noisier or heavier). Sometimes she chases it into the bushes and has a fit trying to get it out, most of the time she is pushing it further into them. She will not stop playing for anything, even a drink of water, so I do not let her play for too long. At first I thought she was unique in her obsession but if you do a youtube search, you will see it is "normal" for dogs to carry on this way, phew!

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