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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ides of March

Even though I've forgot most of my Latin and barely made it through my senior seminar, I will always remember the Ides of March. Even though there are/were Ides in every month. I think it would be fun to make a play on the phrase and use mid-March as a do-over for resolutions you made and abandoned in January. So here are my I'ds of March, fifteen in honor of the date.

1. I'd work harder to take better care of myself- more fresh food and exercise.
2. I'd spend more fun time with the dog and also be a stronger leader for her.
3. I'd be more patient (really should be number one on the list).
4. I'd be less judgemental (maybe should be tied with number 3).
5. I'd make better use of my time.
6. I'd help out more around the house.
7. I'd be more organized.
8. I'd sign up for skate class already.
9. I'd read at least one book a week, maybe two.
10. I'd live more in the moment instead of thinking so far ahead all the time.
11. I'd relax.
12. I'd speak more textbook spanish and not feel weird about it due to being 4G.
13. I'd do more girly grooming/pampering kind of stuff so I don't forget I am a girl.
14. I'd get involved in the community again.
15. I'd stop being shy/afraid/whatever other excuse I have and go out with someone.

I could keep going but I think that is quite enough for anyone to work on, much less a recovering procrastinator such as myself.

Back to the original Ides of March-be on the lookout for so-called friends and protect ya neck!

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