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Sunday, March 28, 2010

on the dole

I got my first unemployment check yesterday. I always forget how they arrive at the amount so at first I was a bit disappointed, but some money coming in is better than no money coming in at all. Plus I already deferred my student loans so I do not really have any bills other than food and helping with utilities. I will make it work. I already know how "short" I will be compared to my regular payroll but since my expenses are down it should balance out. I have definitely gotten much better at managing my finances these last 7 years. I had a decent amount saved up before I got laid off, but I am going to try to hold on to that and keep building on it. I need to roll over my 401k too.

It's definitely time for some pantry cooking around here too. I need to see what I already have on hand and plan meals from that. I have already been cooking a breakfast/lunch that I eat for the whole week. French Scramble, Scrambled Tempeh, or Quinoa Red Bean Burritos. I made the tempeh two weeks ago but forgot to post it. I always have trouble with tempeh, so I am going to try again this week. I might make snobby Joe's too. For Easter I am going to bring Texas Caviar and maybe a pie or cheesecake. I have two graham crusts I haven't used yet, for shame!

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