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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

this is only a test

I am not one for clothing animals, but I did want to see how Ms. Penny would look in a rain coat, or whether she would even allow one to be put on her. She did great until it was time to put the two elastic loops over her hind legs, but we got her dressed. I measured her but I think she might need the next size up. This one just barely covers her booty and I cannot get the hood on her huge head, but I am going to try it one more time after adjusting those elastic straps. I am not sure she will ever wear it again since she is little wild one, but look how cute she is.


yarnwhore said...

Too cute! I have a couple of coats for my puppy, but they never last. Her penchant for diving nose first into the ground and rolling around defeat all attempts.

steven said...

Ms Penny is killing it with the cute.

k said...

Thanks. I think her "eyeliner" is my fave, so cute!