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Thursday, January 14, 2010

she works hard for the money

I should probably be counting down to what could very well be the end of my employment, but I'd rather look through old pictures and rehash rumors instead.The last few days at work we have been going through our desks, public folders, etc. and are finding tons of old pictures, most of which are funny and also quite blurry. I think my favorite are the pictures from Halloween, which is more often like Ho-lloween the way some people dress. We used to be super competitive with decorating and group costumes and that is just really not my thing. The year I dressed as Annie, I almost won, but my friend's "Lurch" costume was way better, even though I sang "Tomorrow" about seven times that day. The only other time I ever dressed up at work was as Frida Kahlo (sometimes I was out of town for the holiday). I had just thrown it together for a friend's party the year before but I changed it up a bit to make it fresh again. If I don't have a party to go to, I usually do not dress up. Maybe it is lazy of me?

The picture above is of me counting money for the football pool, which was one of my favorite things we would have each year. I never took first place but came pretty damn close every year. It was enough fun to be one of the few ladies in the pool and to be one of the top contenders was even better. This one guy was so full of machismo he could not stand to lose to me. He was seriously pissed off for the first fourteen weeks of the season, but luckily for him I had a few bad picks toward the end and he ended up coming out ahead (but guess who still has a job, oh snap- I kid!). The best I ever did was last year when I got second place, this I opted out since it did not feel right with so few people to talk trash to.

We did superbowl pools too but those were never as fun since it was a one-off. I do remember one year my boss had not picked any squares so I asked him if he still wanted in. He said to pick for him and he'd pay me back on Monday. He won all but one of the quarters and nearly all of the money, so he paid me back and gave me a bit extra, which was great since none of the squares I chose for myself paid off. What can I say I am a giver. When it all ends, I hope that is how my co-workers will remember me, and not as the girl who always had her headphones on while yelling at her computer, burping too much and dropping mad f-bombs, because there is really a lot more to me than that, really.

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