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Monday, January 25, 2010

"math is tough, let's go shopping"

I'm having really bad "Teen Talk Barbie" bullshit flashbacks right now. My niece just brought her homework for me to check and instead of asking for help on some problems, she just wrote notes on the paper. One of them said "I don't know the anser" and the other said something like "this is hard". I know I also need to fix her spelling of "answer", but she has earned 100% on all of her spelling tests this year. I'll give her the "w" but I am more worried, annoyed, and disturbed that she is already letting math get the better (or worse) of her so early in her academic life. It wasn't even that tough of an assignment to get so confused about, so I think it is more a matter of her not paying attention than not actually knowing. If she never learns to pay attention, that does not leave much opportunity for her to learn anything else. I'm going to check if the extra work book we got for her has some practice sheets in it. There are probably some on the internets as well. I just do not want another little girl to be afraid of math because it is awesome and fun and as Cady Heron says it is the same in every country. Go Mathletes!

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