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Monday, January 04, 2010

pour some sugar on me

These have to be the first ever photo-worthy sugar cookies I have made. I am always a stressed out flour-covered mess but these were a cinch (after I remade the dough with the right amount of butter). The first time I measured everything out so beautifully but forgot to read the label on the eb buttery stick, which I thought was 1 cup but did not realize until I had the hardest dough ever that it was only 1/2cup. I would like to blame it on the pressure of a demanding customer (my sister) but really it is my fault for not being more careful.

Yesterday the house was quiet and empty for most of the day so I took my sweet time rolling and cutting those little hearts out. I have a new found appreciation for wax paper which I used to roll the dough out and also used to line cookie sheets when I glazed/iced the cookies. I enjoy doing things like this so I did take way longer than it would take a normal person. I only baked for ten minutes since my oven has been kooky lately, but other than that I followed the directions 100 percent, even when I was kind of grossed out by the corn syrup (at least it was light!).

I only have a few changes for next time:

*use larger cutters next time so I only have 30-40 cookies instead of 80-90.
*be more consistent with the dough thickness. I had some that were more like crackers than cookies but my dad had no trouble taking care of those ones for me.
*use different colors/make the colors brighter, the lavender ones looked a bit gray today
*not eat so many "testers"

Baking is off to a good start in 2010, now have to get back to healthy cooking so that it is okay to have some treats every now and then. I also did a very nerdy research spree and made a spread sheet for myself so I can start trying out different wines. I have never been a wine drinker but it is not too late to start. My goals for the year: eat, drink and be married!

p.s. cookie recipe is here.

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