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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

burst your bubble

Have you ever been to the Children's Zoo at the L.A. Zoo? If you have not, this is one of the bubble domes you can poke your face in and get a better view of the prairie dogs. My sister had free passes so we went this weekend and took tons of pictures acting silly and trying to make the most of our day. It wasn't typical L.A. weather so it was a bit cool and not very sunny which made for some lazy animals, both on four and two legs. Anyhow, my niece and I took some pics like these when she was two or younger so we had to go back and take some more. This one is from the farthest dome over which has the shortest clearance height. My sister said it was too small but being the stubborn fool I am, I found a way to get in there. Luckily no one else was around since it wasn't the smartest thing to do while wearing a skirt, but I did it.

In other not so smart news, we got the official word today that we are most likely going to be out of work in about two months. I say not so smart mainly to myself since I have seen this coming for a while but thought I would just ride it out until the end rather than ducking out early. Now the end is getting a lot closer and I have not really given much thought to what I will do. I know I can get unemployment but I cannot rely on that forever and though I joke about 66 week vacations, it really is not funny. Luckily we are covered through the end of the year so at least I do not have to look for work until early 2010.

I have the next sixty days to get something going and become the best budgeter ever. The last few years I have improved so much, this will only push me harder. I am a little bit sad that I have worked so hard for so long and have to start all over, but it isn't about me, and I am not the first or the last person this will ever happen to. It happens every day and I know I am still luckier than most. My mom is already joking that my dog is going to have to go on a diet or change her food, but like any other parent, I will be the one to sacrifice, not my baby.

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