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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

where's the greens?

My half-ass holidays are not turning out as bad as I thought they would be. Last year I think I tried to hard to be too awesome. This year I had the holidays so far from my mind I didn't know what I was going to cook until it was time to go to the store. There are still tons of recipes I wanted to make from last year and the year before that and new ones I am also excited about but I will just have to work them in another time. There is plenty of feasting to be done.

We had tofurkey roast, stuffing, and for the first time ever, macaroni bites-which were everyone's fave. My uncle came over when we were nearly finished and I asked him to try one, which he did and he said it was good. I thought he was making fun of me at first since everyone in our family jokes about our veg-ness, but then he asked where they were and helped himself to a few more bites. I'm tempted to call them "shots" more than bites because it seems like you should just shove the whole thing in your mouth and go for it, but maybe that's just how I eat them. I could not roux for anything so I was afraid they were roux-ined, but everyone loved them. I did put more than a pinch of tumeric so that might explain the color. We were supposed to have some spinach as well but since I forgot to thaw the tofurkey we had to go get another one and it just pushed everything back. Even though spinach takes practically no time, we couldn't wait that little bit extra. Good news is there will be tons of it tomorrow to eat with celebration roast and the surviving macaroni bites. I am thinking to make a few more in the toaster oven tomorrow if the pan fits.

I am getting used to being banned from the kitchen on thanksgiving day due to the turkey and all, but since I am too tired to make dessert today I feel bad about not bringing one tomorrow. I like to always bring the veg-ness so we have enough to eat and also in case anyone wants to give it a try. I was going to make the two layer pumpkin tofu cheesecake and maybe some other goodies as well but I am just too wiped out, especially after cleaning the kitchen. My sister's boyfriend bought us desserts from a local veg restaurant but I don't think any will be left by dinner time tomorrow.

p.s. Thanks to Get Sconed for the adapted mac and cheez recipe and to Mosetta Stone for inspiring the macaroni bites. Y'all made my dinner a hit! I am putting breadcrumbs and spinach next time.

p.p.s. Whisking really reminded me that I gotta start working out my arms again (along with everything else!)

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