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Thursday, December 03, 2009

simmer down

Today is my 2nd attempt at cooking beans, aka frijoles de la olla. I know it should be the easiest thing in the world, put a bunch of beans in pot with water and wait for the magic to happen. The easiest things are the ones I always manage to turn into something complicated and way more time consuming than necessary. Waiting to the beans to cook will actually be the easy part, but it is embarassing to admit that it takes me nearly the same amount of time to sort a pound that I deem worthy. It is almost as neurotic as that character in clerks who is looking for the perfect dozen, only I am searching for the perfect pound.

Last time I thought I had it right, they seemed done. I probably had the flame too low so it took a bit longer but they had passed both of the "done" tests I was told about. I left them on the stove and throughout the next day until I got home. Maybe that was my huge mistake? Or maybe they were not as ready to eat as I was ready to sleep.

Luckily I am a bit worn out from the week and can only think of taking things slow, really really slow. I sorted last night, soaked today and just started simmering about 20 minutes ago. It took a while for the water to get boiling. Hopefully this time they turn out right, but if not I am giving myself enough time to go to the store and cheat with canned ones. If I do get it right, you know it is beans on tap from this day forward. I already know how to make torts so it's on!


M said...

i've done them in the crockpot a few times and they've always turned out well.

k said...

That is my next strategery- even though I live so close to work I am nervous about leaving them unattended. We have nacho party tomorrow so I am hoping for the best but have back up's in case.