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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

no show mofo

I am truly hoping I am not the worst mofo ever this year but I fear I might be in the top 10. I was really hoping to catch up and make up for the first week of non-blogging, but I am not doing such a great job of that. If I were a person who made excuses I would blame it on being sick, or actually having weekend plans, or being extremely stressed/busy at work- but I am sure those are situations nearly everyone is in at this time of year and I'm fairly certain it has not put their blogs on hold. I am a no-show mofo and I am not proud.

Quick/boring update with silly pictures-

Friday night- We had veg panini's and bruschetta (take out!) for dinner and our movie was "Watcher in the Woods" which my niece liked a lot more than I thought she would. I fell asleep right in the middle and missed the end, boo!

Saturday- We went to my niece's soccer game which was a rematch against a larger, more physical team. It's not supposed to be competitive at their age but they did "lose". Afterward we went to the pumpkin festival @ Cal Poly with some friends and saw more pumpkins than I have ever seen in my life. We also went to the petting zoo since I had not gone to one since kindergarten when I was startled by an overly eager goat.They haven't changed much only now it makes me more scared for the animals than for the kids. We gotta make it to farm sanctuary, so I can hug some animals who are possibly petting zoo survivors, but the current bunch needs love too.


The big day, our third time going to the AIDS Walk. We actually left on time and got there about an hour and half before the walk started-trust me this is a huge deal. We did our usual Jamba Juice/bathroom stop and made the trek to the starting line-not sure how much that adds to the 10K, need to find out. I did not raise funds but sponsored myself so I could get the shirt, which fit, thank goodness. I have put a few inches/lbs. back on the last few weeks so I was afraid the uni-small might not work out. We had great weather and it seemed to go by faster than years past. They had some of the same vegan friendly snacks-mini lara bars, mrs. may's, oranges and naked juice. I didn't hit all the snack stops because people get crazy over free food and I wanted to keep my good pace.

Afterward we went to California Vegan and I had my fave Spinach w/ Garlic Sauce and Tofu. It's a lot of spinach but as far as I am concerned it is never too much spinach, or garlic. I would have rather gone to RFD but funds are tight. We all took naps when we got home and had mexican macaroni and cheese for a quick late dinner. Maybe other people make it this way too, but it is basically same as you would cook fideos but you add sliced cheese and stir in until it gets melty, tons of garlic salt too. It's quick comfort food you can shovel down on a cold day.

Monday-Wednesday was the basic weekday hustle and bustle. We have ate dinner out every night so far since we did not do a proper grocery run. I need to get a few things tomorrow so I can cook over the weekend and next week. I got the advanced copy of VegNews, plus two back issues and the "You Are What You Read" shirt I have been eyeing for months. I saw a soup in one of the issues that looked really good to me and I'm sure there are other great recipes. I still have to take a good look at Nava Atlas' book since I only did a quick flip when I brought it home last week. It looks promising, but I have a really bad habit of reading cookbooks before bed that I am trying to break because I get excited as well as hungry and have a tough time calming down to go to sleep. I will have to make it an after-dinner read.


Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Don't sweat the mofo thing. I might not have found your blog if you hadn't signed up, so it's a win for me anyway.

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