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Friday, October 02, 2009

I am a lazy mofo

Work has been really stressful lately with so many of our customers trying to close homes by the end of the year. It is great to be so busy, but the past few weeks are definitely starting to wear me down. We have a tradition of watching a horror movie and eating pizza or some other "fun" dinner on Friday nights in October. Tonight we are watching "Beetlejuice" since my niece is not yet the diehard horror fanatic we had hoped she would be. We had hot dogs and Road's End mac and chreese. The laziness continues with cookies from EatPastry. We had the "Chocoholic Chunk" a few weeks ago so tonight we are trying "Chocolate Chunk". The first time we made them we used the toaster oven since it was still too warm out to turn on the oven-oven. Since we already had the oven on tonight, we are going big. I haven't tasted them yet, but it is tough to hold out when the whole house smells like cookies, even if they are refrigerated and not entirely homemade.

I am all for getting down and making food from scratch but since I don't always have the time, it is good to know that there is an expanding array of convenience food offerings for we vegans. Even though I may have some fridge cookies now and then I know I will make up my kitchen time at some point with some homemade food love, especially when Isa and Terry's cookie book comes out (must pre-order!).

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with being Lazy! Take it from me :) Those cookies look awesome I can almost smell them.