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Monday, October 05, 2009

Got Yr MoFo Workin'?

Is it too early to lose one's MoFo mojo? I certainly hope not. Normally I am most inspired and excited for Fall and Winter cooking, but this year it seems like I can't get it up. Can I blame the uncooperative weather currently known as hot-umn? Is my desperate need of haircut weighing my brain down? Am I putting too much focus on work and forgetting what is really important (cupcakes!)? It's the 5th day of MoFo and I have not cooked once. My sister has been ruling the range or we have been dining out. I have only scheduled myself to cook one week day dinner but I am niece-free Tuesday and Thursday so I should have the time/energy to whip something up- not sure if it will be an experiment or an old stand by, but I am leaning toward something new, who wants to read last year's blog again, right?

It is soon to be souper times, so I did put Nava Atlas' Vegan Soups and Stews For All Seasons on hold at the library for some inspiration. I used my soup mug at least twice last week (Hearty Black and White Bean-yum!) and it is sure to see much more action as the temperature finally starts to drop. I love to make soup and I won't lie that it good for when you are trying to lose weight. If I drop a few pounds between now and the holidays then I will be breaking even in 2010. Since Halloween is almost here and Christmas has already hit stores I have started to think of a wish list and this is at the top right now:

p.s. I wasn't kidding when I made that "last year's blog" comment. I made the same soup pre-mofo last year too. Maybe it is going to be a tradition?

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