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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

there's nothing wrong with (food) love

I can look around at any family function and if I try hard enough I might find someone who is not sporting a spare tire or some love handles. Even when I do find such a person, odds are he or she is not a relative. We use food to show our love for one another, the more we give the better. You have to eat or you are insulting your abuela, your tia, and so on. We even secretly compete amongst each other to see whose food is better. I know this goes across many cultures and is not limited to my own, but these huge helpings of "love" can also hurt us since they are often the most buttery, sugary, greasy, salty dishes. We can still spread the love without spreading our waistlines. I always bring a vegan option to family/friendly function to prove that you do not lose your taste buds when you abandon animal products. I am forever sharing my new favorite recipes with co-workers in an effort to turn them out. I think I have a few converts in the making.

Even though I eat a lot healthier now, I am still carrying some extra pounds from the pre-vegan years. As someone who is overweight I sometimes get the feeling that people assume I am fat because I am having a sordid love affair with food or something like that. Maybe I did overdo it on the oreos and couch time during the teen years, but I think it is okay to love food as long as you love yourself enough to know what foods are best for you and which ones are not so great for you. Truth be told, I am actually having a love affair with food. There are so many things I would never have tried had I not crossed over to the v-side. Take cilantro for instance, when I was a kid I thought it was gross and smelled weird and did not want it anywhere near my plate. Now I have cilantro-gasms (if there is not a cilantro-inspired cologne, I am giving you the idea- go!).


Jeni Treehugger said...

Happy Mofo'ing!

kim g. said...

I totally relate - there are so many things I eat now that I HATED when I was a kid. I just try to make peace with my body and do my best!

Lex said...

Love the cilantrogasm! Already posted up a recipe using it two days ago because I was too excited to wait for MOFO! Happy Vegan MOFO!