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Saturday, September 26, 2009

big ups to the brits

Last night I went to fresh & easy for the first time. I had heard mixed reviews of the store and I think my own review would come up somewhere in the middle, but I've only been to one location so I can't make a call quite yet. I will say for the moment their tofu price is what grabbed me. Ninety eight cents! Stater's, which is one of the cheaper mainstream markets, is at $1.49 which is ridiculous, until you go to Ralph's and it is about twenty cents more (might even be thirty). I know I am getting older when I am really excited to save fifty cents per brick, but it all adds up.

For a "regular" market they did have a lot of items I would have to make a special trip to a "health" store to buy. Of course they cost about the same as they would at a special store, but it might end up to be a bit cheaper since you are cutting out the extra store trip. We had just finished dinner before walking over so thank goodness I did not go crazy hungry shopping. I got some pre-cut apples (call me lazy!), the all-important tofu, red lentils, quinoa, frozen hash brown patties (lazy again!) and some cupcakes for my mom's. There were lots of beans/grains I wanted to get but since my cupboard is far from empty I know it can wait. I will definitely give them another try, the only bummer is the store nearest to us is closing.


Anonymous said...

fresh and easy is the same as our Tesco right?
Tofu is cheaper at your store than ours! *grumble*

k said...

Yes, it believe it is the same. I was glad to catch a break on the price, sorry to read/hear you are not so lucky overseas. Are you taking part in MoFo?