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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

jarvis was right...

Dogs are everywhere that I go. Many a time when I am walking Ms. Penny I see an adorable and seemingly adoptable stray dog running loose. By the time I get her behaviorally challenged booty home, the would-be rescue is long gone. A few days ago I did make it in time to find one but she ran head on into traffic after spotting me. I tried so hard not to freak out and was relieved when she made it all the way across the street, until she started to cross the other intersection, which she also made, thank goodness. I have yet to see her since, maybe she just kept running.

Today on my way home to walk Ms. P at lunch time I saw an unfamiliar pit bull lazing in a neighbor's yard. It was really hot out and I felt bad for the poor lost dog. I crouched down a bit and called him over, not sure of what would happen but of course he came running and slobbering with happiness. I hoped he would stay put after sitting, but of course he followed me home and had I let him, would have followed me into the house. I put the two small dogs in the house so I could let Ms. P have run of the yard for a bit while I got this new guy situated. There's a lot of other boring details in between but after a few calls to the SPCA, he was picked up shortly after six and though it seemed I had waited so long for that to happen, I was really sad when it did. However, the SPCA rep was easy on the eyes and quite sweet so that helped a bit, until I remembered I was in some ratty "laundry day" clothes and my hair was a mess. Oh well, can't be too greedy with kisses from strange males, sometimes four legs are better than two.

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