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Friday, August 21, 2009

on the regular

Great news! For the first time in months, Penny is solid, and her poo is too. She is finally back on an all-dry food diet which is so much better for her as well as my pocketbook. I'm hoping after some time I can take her off the prescription diet and put her on another premium dog food that I don't have to buy at the vet, but for now I will say I have never been so happy to pick up poop.

Now that we have this under control we can get back to getting her under control. She's not a bad girl but we are obedience training drop outs and we need to get to working again. Since we've been going to the park almost as much as we used to, she is getting re-socialized and making tons of friends. Everyone loves her which is great because I see so many gorgeous dogs of identifiable breeds and sigh for a second thinking of how I used to want a dog like that but they wouldn't be as great as my little brat. Neither of us are gorgeous in any typical way but I think we are each cute in our own way, crazy and full of love to give and that is what matters.

p.s. I almost got into it with that guy about not leashing his dog again, but by the time I made my way around the park to tell him something he did have her on a leash again so maybe the yelling did work.


yarnwhore said...

About time! If she starts to slip, I still recommend the pumpkin solution.

k said...

I know, seems like it has been forever, but really was only a few months. Two weeks of solidity, so psyched. I will keep the pumpkin in mind, hopefully I don't need it for a long time though.