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Friday, August 28, 2009

kickin' it

My niece started soccer this week, which means we all started soccer this week. My mom, dad, my niece's dad and I were at both practices. Next week my sister and her boyfriend will join the group too. We are going to need more room on game days for extended family. She has a posse.

Only three girls showed up yesterday so I helped the coach out a bit, cheered the girls on and had a blast. I'm not very good at soccer but I enjoy it, and I do have a slight edge on some six year olds. Since I'm going to be at most of the practices anyway I'll throw myself in when I can. It's extra exercise for me and the more people the girls have behind them, the better. We still don't know the color and have not picked a name. My niece wants "golden hearts", which is totally like something I would have chose when I was her age. I swear she is really my kid.

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