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Friday, September 11, 2009

snap out of it

Grrrr. I haven't had much to say these past few weeks. I have just been a little out of sorts. I'm not a fan of excuses but if I were to use a few, they would be these:

- I am badly in need of a haircut, so the rest of me is in disarray as well

- I had to move upstairs at work and while it did finally make me clean my desk, it just doesn't feel right (yet)

- I haven't hit the park as hard as I would have liked so not getting any of this out in a productive way isn't helping

- my mom is home recuperating from surgery (all going well thank goodness) and it throws off my empty house/quiet time mojo

That being said, there are other things I am looking forward to that should pull me out of this funk/rut. The most immediate of excitements if Lisa Leslie's last regular game with the Sparks tonight- cannot wait to see her one last time, which is unfortunately only my second time. For my own athletics, I really want to become a better skater so I can try out for roller derby. The local rink has a class that starts next week so if there's still space, I'm into it. I am also really and truly going to get myself behind the wheel and start to drive (again), which will not be as easy as the skating but one set of wheels at a time, okay. My niece's first soccer game is tomorrow and it will be hilarious since they have only had about six practices and only had a full team for two of those. Next month is Vegan MoFo so I am excited for that challenge as well. I am not as organized for that as some other people who blog and cook better than me but I am going to have fun with it. Last but definitely not least, I need to get a hair cut. My stylist either just had or is soon to have her baby (see how long I waited between cuts!) so I will have to get a recommendation from her for someone else to take care of me just this once. I'm not trading her for anything.

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