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Sunday, June 28, 2009


I made the best cupcakes ever this week, no joke! My niece had her end-of-year program Wednesday night and I wanted to surprise her with some amazing cupcakes. I only got about halfway when I realized I had to get cleaned up and ready to go since I was running late. I'm a lot messier when I bake than when I cook so I had batter splatter on my tank top and so on. The cakes were baked but the icing would have to wait.

Her performance was spot on. They did a dance to "Jai Ho" from Slumdog Millionaire, totally decked out in bracelets, earrings and those sashes you wear for belly dancing. She was the best one out there, and I'm not just saying that as an auntie, girl can move! After the show we went to dinner and just got home too late to start making a kitchen mess again.

Thursday, I got home from work, grabbed the hand mixer and got going. The vegan butter cream was the bomb. It got more out of control when I added in the crushed cookies. It was my first attempt at piping icing so I just used a sammich bag and cut one of the corners off. It turned out pretty good for the first time. Everyone loved them except for my mom but she always has a comment about vegan food tasting weird or having an aftertaste, whatevs! She is a cauliflower convert after I made "simple cauliflower" from 101cookbooks. So maybe you do win some after all.

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