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Friday, June 19, 2009

red beans and what?

A few months ago my sister brought home a recipe for Quinoa and Red Bean burritos she found in copy of Parents magazine in the breakroom at her work. Since I have always loved beans and have a new love of quinoa (since it is so amazingly good for you), it was perfect. The only problem was I could not find the "sweet and spicy pepper blend" at Stater's. I knew if I went to Albertson's or Vons it would probably be there but since we're on budgets those stores are not in our weekly grocery runs as much as they used to be. I thought I was saved when I ordered the seasoning from McCormick's directly, but found out a few days later it was on backorder. Foiled again!

I finally went to Albertson's last week and of course they had what I had been looking for all along. I had to dig toward the back since most of the bottles were dated with a May 26 expiration date, but I did find one that is good through November. However since I am so in love with this bean/grain combo, I really doubt it will last me that long.

Once again I am pleased with a simple and quick veg recipe from a "family" magazine. It's a keeper for lazier days when I don't have the time or energy to prep my heart out. I used huge burrito size Romero torts,Stater's red beans, medium Pace picante sauce and follow your heart monterey jack on top. I didn't change anything since it was the first time I made it, but next time I would add a bit more seasoning and maybe make it a bit spicier. It was still hot when I made this so, I opted to do the "baking" in the toaster oven since I was only making two test burritos for myself. If you're not making all 8 at once, you can get away with 2-3 few "toast" cycles in the t/o instead of the regular oven for 12 minutes. It will get just as toasty/melty in way less time.

Photos are from the second batch I made today for lunch, told you they're good! I did give the 12 minute cycle another chance and put them for a few minutes more since I like mine toasty, more like on the edge of burned really. They were even better than the ones I made last night. I need to haul ass to the store and get more quinoa because I know I'll be wanting this again in a week or two.

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