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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

valley of the dogs

Penny is on antibiotics for the next four days. Don't worry I won't let her turn into a pill poppin' puppy.

p.s. I am aces at collecting stool samples now!


yarnwhore said...

Giardia or clostridia? My pup had both when I first got her. The antibiotics worked miracles. Good luck!

k said...

I wish it was one of those. We still don't totally know what is wrong with her, but her fecal came out negative for parasites. She is on some that are for her instestines, metronidazole I think. So far she is doing better and I am relaxing a bit-I was a wreck the other day when she had mucus in her stools. I'm working on being patient while we get to the bottom of what's coming out of her bottom. She started going her excited sniffy/grunty thing (dog purring?!) yesterday and I realized she had not been doing that, so I take it as a good sign. I will be so happy to pick up a solid one though, seriously.